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Painter who fought a spray can battle with banksy and who helped bring graffiti art into the main stream.

John Robertson (KING ROBBO) grafitti artist born 23 october 1969, one son two daughters, died hertfordshire 31st july. RIP

Freind and gentleman, Sadly missed 





Lets Do It Together

Real city radio is about attitude and deeds – we don’t follow the pack, we set our own path; our line-up of presenters is perhaps the most diverse among underground radio stations mirroring mk's communities; and, we are uncompromising in the speech and music we broadcast. In fact, we are the only underground music and speech radio station in milton keynes blending ‘old skool to new cool’ soulful music , we dont play the brainwashing music of the mainstream, we keep away from the negative lyrics, the very music that teaches our kids that its all about  sex, money and the bling, and as a parent i recognise that music is a powerful tool. We can change our community, we can help our young people, help eachother and make our community a safer nicer place to live, so join our revolution of change @ real city radio. If you like what realcity stands for, or you just love our kind of radio, then welcome home to realcity, whoever you are, wherever you are This is indeed is your radio station.

How Did You Come About Joining Kiss FM ?

Yeah i knew gordon mac for years we used to work on a radio station called jfm in the 80’s, he used to come to my flat and make pancakes “the business” toss those pancakes, anyway we’d hang out and id dj at his clubs and stuff, he said to me “come on get off that rubbish station and come join us” so i did and thats how i did it. Earlydoors he did say he was starting a pirate radio station and i just laughed “whatever” and yeah he obviously did and so i joined and thats it.

What was the early studios like ?

Grotty yeah really shabby to be honest, erm erm the one at wharf road i think gordons mum owned that it was really cool it was like a real studio, i remember setting fire to it a couple of times, accidently of course. yeah i remember there was one in charlton, camden and commercial road, the one in camden i remember evryone knowing where we was and we were suppose to be pirate im not kidding everyone knew it was ridiculous lol. also there was manasus it was funny a tower block in east london, i remember doing a show at the house phone would ring and ask for someone like ed and you would have to go and find him amongst the bodys from the night before party funny days, and the toilet every time you used it you would get soaked so you would have a special tactic on how to dodge the water good ol days.

What makes a good dj ?

Originallity, you know the people have got to like the music for a start but you can make people like the music, like i said when i played house at kiss fm when it was pirate nobody was playing it it was a minority proggramme now look at it the last twenty five years it was one of those things you just came up with it, i mean before that i used to play boogie salsa samba jazz funk stuff like that, then house music came it was like disco revisited in my view so that was it no outfits no style of dancing no going around in gangs you’d have to be into it the music “thats disco”.

Lets talk about your input into real city academy, how far have you got with setting such an academy up ? its a steady process, its all about getting it right first time round rather than going back over things fifty times, we have a great team of people behind this project some very important people in the music industry working closley with us every day, slowly we are acheiving what we set out to do, its a hard slog at times but its worth every second we spend on this project. Our aim is to have a music academy set up by the end of 2020, with some full and p/t courses in music technology, sound engineering and music business. its exciting times to be working alongside such a fine bunch of dedicated people who’s goals are to connect with young people and inspire them with there knowledge and experiance in life and the music business. what our aims are is to create a good future for young people, to help create jobs, jobs that they want to do. theres a thousand parts in this industry for our young people to excell, we ultimatley want our kids to have there own industry. people from all over the world will come to milton keynes for there know how.


Steve Jackson

Paul 'TROUBLE' Anderson

Founding Kiss FM DJ Paul ‘Trouble’ Anderson has died after a long fight with cancer.

Paul was a DJ in the clubs and on the radio, as a founding member of the pirate Kiss FM in 1985.

He went legal with the station in 1990 and hosted Paul Anderson’s Advanced Dance’ mix show every Saturday night at 9.00pm, running for eight years to become one of the station’s most popular shows and a pre-clubbing ritual for a whole generation of nineties Londoners.

In 2012 Paul resurrected the show, re-uniting with Kiss FM founder Gordon Mac for the launch of a new digital and internet radio station Mi-Soul.

When Paul first developed lung cancer in 2012 the response of the dance music scene was immediate, with his peers organising a special ‘Paul Anderson: Celebrate Life’ charity event at London’s Ministry of Sound.

Fellow DJ’s such as Norman Jay, Joey Negro, Danny Rampling, CJ Mackintosh, Phil Asher, Bobby and Steve, and Robert Owens appeared, amongst others, to help raise money. Following treatment, Paul’s cancer went into remission allowing him to return to work. A residency at the Bussey Building was just one of the regular gigs where he performed over this time.

Paul was also a popular draw on the growing circuit of international dance music festivals and it was upon returning from such a festival in Croatia late this summer that he learnt his cancer had returned and would prove terminal.

Paul kept working as long as his health allowed, delivering his final Mi-Soul mix show in November shortly before his death. Paul ‘Trouble’ Anderson was born 28th September 1959, died on 2nd December. He is survived by five siblings and three children Heidi, Paul Jnr, Rio and grandson Jamie.